Contributor profiles

Koichiro (Sparky) Komiyama


Koichiro Komiyama, CISSP, is the manager of the Global Coodination Division at JPCERT/CC, the Japanese Computer Emergency Response Team. He has worked as a security analyst and led the gathering of security information and publishing multiple security alerts and advisories. His current focus is related to research on phishing, insider threats, and targeted attacks.

Prior to joining JPCERT/CC, he worked for ISS (IBM ISS), where he was in charge of large IDS/IPS system designs and operations.

Yukako (Yuka) Uchida

Yuka has been working as Liaison Officer at the Global Coordination Division at JPCERT/CC since the end of 2013.
She is mainly in charge of APCERT Secretariat duties providing administrative support.
Having academic and working experience abroad, she speaks English and Spanish besides Japanese.

Feedback is welcome: global-cc at jpcert dot or dot jp.