Welcome to the JPCERT blog

Welcome to the JPCERT/CC blog.  JPCERT is the national CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) for Japan.  We cover a fair amount of ground, including incident response, software vulnerability handling, malware analysis, running sensor networks, overseeing the Anti-Phishing Council of Japan (Japanese), running training courses, and lots besides.  You can see more about what we do at the JPCERT home page.

To introduce myself, my name is Chris Horsley.  I'm an Australian who has been working at JPCERT for the last few years now.  It's been particularly interesting for me to see some of the similarities and differences between the security landscape of Japan compared to Australia and other Western countries.  For those who don't speak Japanese or who aren't familiar with Japanese culture, there can be lots that goes on in Japan that doesn't receive much coverage in the foreign media.

I and other JPCERT staff are aiming to close some of the gap with this blog, bringing security trends in Japan to light for English-speaking audiences.  As well as talking about interesting security news from Japan, we'll also be talking about analysis and activities happening at JPCERT, along with some of the interesting cultural differences that exist here.

That's all for now - more to come!  Please sign up for the feed for updates as they happen, or follow our Twitter account if that's your social media poison of choice.