English Version of HTML5 Investigation Report Now Available!!

Hi! I’m Takuho Mitsunaga from Watch and Warning Group.


I am pleased to announce that JPCERT/CC has just released a report "Investigation Report Regarding Security Issues of Web Applications Using HTML5 (English version)."


As mentioned in the previous posts - JPCERT/CC at “CODE BLUE” and Presenting HTML5 security at OWASP AppSec APAC 2014, through publishing a report (Japanese version), we have worked to point out the issues and raise awareness for the local community. Today, the report became available in English for overseas partners!!

JPCERT/CC compiled this report with the aim to provide organized material which could serve as a basis for technical documentation and guideline on how HTML5 migration may affect web application security. I hope that overseas partners, particularly web security researchers and web application developers, find this report useful upon developing web applications.

Full report can be downloaded here:


If you have any inquiries or feedbacks on the report, please contact us at ww-info(at)jpcert.or.jp.

Thank you!


- Takuho Mitsunaga