JPCERT/CC Releases URL Dataset of Confirmed Phishing Sites

JPCERT/CC releases a URL dataset of phishing sites confirmed from January 2019 to June 2022, as we received many requests for more specific information after publishing a blog article on trends of phishing sites and compromised domains in 2021. The list is available in the following GitHub repository.

Phishing URL dataset from JPCERT/CC

Each column contains the following:

  • date: Date confirmed by JPCERT/CC
  • URL: Entire URL of a phishing site
  • description: Information on a spoofed brand

The list shows phishing sites that we were able to confirm based on reported information. Spoofed brand information is what we confirmed at the time. Please note that we are not monitoring the current status of the listed phishing sites after performing coordination. The list will be updated as necessary.

We hope that the release of this information will be useful for understanding the situation and for future countermeasures against phishing sites.

Shoko Nakai (Translated by Masa Toyama)